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Attack: 5/5
Speed: 5/5
Attack Speed: 5/5
Jump: 4/5
Reach: 5/5
Gravity: 3/5
Weight: 3/5
Traction: 2/5
Height: 4/5
Intro: Dante is sitting at a table eating pizza, he then looks around to see something going on, he gets up, kicks the table away, throws the pizza up, and pulls out Rebellion

A Combos:
Rebellion- Downward slash, upward slash, spin downward diagonal slash
Cerberus- Upward swing, horizontal sing, three upward strikes, ending with a heavy slam
Agni & Rudra- Agni upward slash Rudra downward slash, both horizontal slash, flurry of slashes ending with a kick
Nevan- Tunes up guitar with short horizontal slash, starts playing charging bats (hold for more bats), shock wave attack
Beowulf- Body punch, second body punch, upward kick
Guns- Ebony and Ivory shots, Shotgun shot, Spiral shot

Running attack:
Rebellion: Swings sword all around his body
Cerberus: Spins with horizontal swings
Agni & Rudra: Connects both swords at the handles and swings them around
Nevan: Crazy roll, Spins multiple times while jamming out sound attacks
Beowulf: Uppercut
Guns: With his hand guns Dante spins shooting his bullets horizontally.

Side smash attacks:
Rebellion- Downward slash then Drive (Sword shock wave that almost goes full screen if charged fully)
Cerberus- Windmill, Dante spins his chucks around his wrists
Agni & Rudra- Cross Slash
Nevan- Scythe attack
Beowulf- Beehive, a fast flurry of kicks ending with a downward ax kick
Guns- Multi Lock, can be charged goes after nearest foe

Up smash attacks:
Rebellion- Full upward slash
Cerberus- Million carets, creates an iceburg from ground
Agni & Rudra- Twister, spins both swords creating a vortex of fire and wind
Nevan- Upward scythe attack
Beowulf- Real impact, bone rattling gut upercut, slowest smash attack in the whole game, but most damaging
Guns-Trick shot, with Spiral Dante fires a bullet in the air it ricochets hitting nearby targets

Down smash attacks:
Rebellion- Downward slash
Cerberus- Low swing
Agni & Rudra- Spin slash
Nevan- Downward scythe
Beowulf- Ground pound
Guns- Wild stomp, Dante stomps then shoots the ground repeatedly with his hand guns.

Air attacks:
Rebellion- (Normal) Horizontal slash, (Front) Round trip, Dante throws Rebellion like a boomerang, (Back) Horizontal spin slash, (Up) Upward slash, (Down) Helm breaker, Dante slices downward and falls til he hits the ground.
Cerberus-(Normal) Normal horizontal swing (Front) Multiple upward swings (Back) Air windmill (Up) Upward windmill (Down) Downward kick then swing
Agni & Rudra-(Normal) Air cross slash (Front) Four downward slashes (Back) Backward spin slash (Up) Spin slash (Down) Fall then cross slash
Nevan-(Normal) Scythe (Front) Multiple horizontal slashes spining around Dante's body (Back) Guitar downward smack (Up) Jump then jam (Down) Plays summoning bats
Beowulf-(Normal) The hammer, double fisted downward haymaker (Front) Reverse uppercut (downewardcut?) (Back) Spin kick (Up) Uppercut (Down) Killer bee, falling diagonal kick
Guns-(Normal) Handgun shots (Front) Shotgun shot (Back) Air multi- lock (Up) Rocket shoot (Down) Rainstorm, Dante spins aiming downward shooting his handguns

Standing B:
Rebellion- Prop Shredder (Spins sword, hold down for longer spin)
Cerberus- Crystal (Makes ice form in front of him, can freeze opponents)
Agni & Rudra- Crawler (A slash makes a wave of fire and wind, goes about 3/4 of the screen, passes other projectiles.)
Nevan- Jam Session (Makes a pillar of lightning and bats)
Beowulf- Eruption (Hits the ground making an explosion, if timed right can absorb projectiles.)
Guns- Honeycomb/Twosome Time (Rapid fire handgun shots, hold down B then aim in a different direction to shoot two ways.)

Side B:
Rebellion- Stinger/Million Stab (Charging stab, hold down to do million stab)
Cerberus- Revolver (Spins horizontally then slams the ground with his ice chucks.)
Agni & Rudra- Jet Stream (Charges when he hits someone, Dante continues to slash,)
Nevan- Reverb Shock (Quick spark of lightning, this is one of the fastest moves in the whole game.)
Beowulf- Straight (Can be charged, a straight charge punch.)
Guns- Fireworks (Slings his shotgun like nun chucks sending bullets in multiple directions)

Up B:
Rebellion- High Time (Upward slash that you go up with, think slower version of Marth's up B,)
Cerberus- Swing (Dante swings Cerberus downward, the force of the hit accelerates him up)
Agni & Rudra- Whirlwind/Sky Dance (Whirlwind is when Dante uses his swords to lift off opponents, keep pressing B to do the Sky Dance, five slashes, then Dante spins down with both swords
Nevan- Air Play (Can be c-harged, makes a ball of electricity, the force pushes you up.)
Beowulf- Rising Dragon (A spinning uppercut, can be charged.)
Guns- Grapple Rocket (Dante uses Kalina Ann to grapple an edge or opponent.)

Down B:
Weapon Change (The order is as follows: Rebellion, Cerberus, Agni & Rudra, Nevan, Beowulf, and Guns.)

Final Smash- Devil Trigger (Dante turns to his Devil form, speed, attack, and attack speed is increased. Given a triple jump and flight, new moves Normal B- Lightning Side B- Vortex, Down B is still Weapon Change, Up B is what ever is equipped. Lasts a little longer then Wario Man.)

(Up)- Shrugs and says, "Come on! Do your job!"
(Down)- Claps twice says "Hey, whats up?"
(Side)- Pulls out Ebony to swing it around while he says "Jackpot!"

Victory Poses:
1. Dante puts rebellion away, then catches a falling pizza (it's suppose to be the one he threw during his intro)
2. "Come on! Get up, you can do better then that!" he says that while twirling his guns
3. Dante jams on Nevan

Lose Pose:
Dante faces away from the victor with his arms crossed, as if not giving a single care
My first moveset!
And a long one too
I don't own DMC
Well what you guys think?
I plan on making more, if you want give me suggestions. :)
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