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Star Fox- Krystal by TheWorldsOnlyaRf Star Fox- Krystal :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 4 6 Tommy Dreamer: The Heart and Soul of ECW- Gif by TheWorldsOnlyaRf Tommy Dreamer: The Heart and Soul of ECW- Gif :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 1 0 Damien Sandow Gif by TheWorldsOnlyaRf Damien Sandow Gif :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 4 5 YuGiOh! Card- Antoine Thomas by TheWorldsOnlyaRf YuGiOh! Card- Antoine Thomas :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 2 16
Top 10 Music Videos of All Time
So what makes a good song even better? A well made music video!
M. Bison: "Of course!"
Now I'm making this because, quite frankly I don't have a YouTube file, but this should work. Links to the videos will be in description. So now enjoy.
#10- "Before I Forget" by Slipknot
So if you see the video, it's really simple, a band that normally wears masks, don't have them on, and their faces can't be seen, only the backs, or their blurred, It show everything but the full face. During the video you see the bands masks hanging around, it's pretty cool. And why is one of the members barefoot? Next.
#9- "Monster" by Skillet
Skillet, one epic band, with an epic song, with an epic video to match, and it's actually simple if you think about it. This "monster" he is breaks away from his what looks like experiments and is chased by the S.W.A.T., Their is also a female "monster" that breaks away too. The two find each other and escape. Epic.
#8- "Prisoner of Society" by The Living End
Two words: STAND
:icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 1 0
YuGiOh! Card- Sean Keanen by TheWorldsOnlyaRf YuGiOh! Card- Sean Keanen :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 0 0 YuGiOh! Card- Steven Chapman by TheWorldsOnlyaRf YuGiOh! Card- Steven Chapman :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 0 0 YuGiOh! Card- Adam the Clown by TheWorldsOnlyaRf YuGiOh! Card- Adam the Clown :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 2 0
Super Smash Bros. Moveset: Dante
Attack: 5/5
Speed: 5/5
Attack Speed: 5/5
Jump: 4/5
Reach: 5/5
Gravity: 3/5
Weight: 3/5
Traction: 2/5
Height: 4/5
Intro: Dante is sitting at a table eating pizza, he then looks around to see something going on, he gets up, kicks the table away, throws the pizza up, and pulls out Rebellion
A Combos:
Rebellion- Downward slash, upward slash, spin downward diagonal slash
Cerberus- Upward swing, horizontal sing, three upward strikes, ending with a heavy slam
Agni & Rudra- Agni upward slash Rudra downward slash, both horizontal slash, flurry of slashes ending with a kick
Nevan- Tunes up guitar with short horizontal slash, starts playing charging bats (hold for more bats), shock wave attack
Beowulf- Body punch, second body punch, upward kick
Guns- Ebony and Ivory shots, Shotgun shot, Spiral shot
Running attack:
Rebellion: Swings sword all around his body
Cerberus: Spins with horizontal swings
Agni & Rudra: Connects both swords at the handles and swings them around
Nevan: Crazy roll, Spins
:icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 4 0
3 Stages of a StormTrooper by TheWorldsOnlyaRf 3 Stages of a StormTrooper :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 0 0 Skeleton 4 by TheWorldsOnlyaRf Skeleton 4 :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 0 0 Double O' Wilson by TheWorldsOnlyaRf Double O' Wilson :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 0 0 TO NY JAIL by TheWorldsOnlyaRf TO NY JAIL :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 0 0 Spider- Man of the RG by TheWorldsOnlyaRf Spider- Man of the RG :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 0 0 Random Day's Night by TheWorldsOnlyaRf Random Day's Night :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 0 5 MOAR Random Members by TheWorldsOnlyaRf MOAR Random Members :icontheworldsonlyarf:TheWorldsOnlyaRf 0 0


Krystal for Smash by Atticus-Kotch Krystal for Smash :iconatticus-kotch:Atticus-Kotch 338 129 Star Fox- Krystal (Renew!) by ukalayla Star Fox- Krystal (Renew!) :iconukalayla:ukalayla 360 33 Fox McCloud and Krystal by TheMexicanPunisher Fox McCloud and Krystal :iconthemexicanpunisher:TheMexicanPunisher 38 6 Krystal by KitonKurai Krystal :iconkitonkurai:KitonKurai 42 6 Fox and Krystal by KitonKurai Fox and Krystal :iconkitonkurai:KitonKurai 40 18 StarFox Group Photo by KitonKurai StarFox Group Photo :iconkitonkurai:KitonKurai 59 11 I support Fox x Krystal Stamp by Redztheartist I support Fox x Krystal Stamp :iconredztheartist:Redztheartist 228 46 Krystal Fan Stamp 2.0 by DarkHorseArtie89 Krystal Fan Stamp 2.0 :icondarkhorseartie89:DarkHorseArtie89 27 1 Another Krystal by froggiechan Another Krystal :iconfroggiechan:froggiechan 666 64 Leisure Time by Nimrais Leisure Time :iconnimrais:Nimrais 1,163 102 Can I Play? by Antiumbra Can I Play? :iconantiumbra:Antiumbra 66 25 Another Krystal Sketch by Rachi--san Another Krystal Sketch :iconrachi--san:Rachi--san 61 13 Krystal Appreciation by lady-cybercat Krystal Appreciation :iconlady-cybercat:lady-cybercat 511 28 Krystal Hiding by FoxyBeatz Krystal Hiding :iconfoxybeatz:FoxyBeatz 33 14 Blue Vixen Butthurt Stamp by DarkHorseArtie89 Blue Vixen Butthurt Stamp :icondarkhorseartie89:DarkHorseArtie89 63 118 Krystal Commission by Darlincu Krystal Commission :icondarlincu:Darlincu 75 3



TheWorldsOnlyaRf's Profile Picture
United States
Current Residence: On Earth
Favourite genre of music: Nu- Metal, Hip Hop (Old School)
Favourite style of art: Anthro
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie, and SpongeBob
Personal Quote: "The only one who understands me, is me."
So I hardly write these journals, heck my last one was made Summer... Of last year! So I might as well try to write more journals.
So I just came back from a summer camp for improv, and it was an awesome week. And besides that, not much has been happening, but I will try to write more of these, hopefully.
  • Listening to: Children of Bodom
  • Reading: Your mind.
  • Watching: My computer screen
  • Playing: A lotta games
  • Eating: Sandviches
  • Drinking: Bonk! Atomic Punch!


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